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Thursday, 27 August 2015

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Sydney's leading Notary

Justin Betar is Sydney's leading Notary Public and whilst practicing as a lawyer he is always available to assist the public and private clients with sending your documents abroad.

It is always easy to make an appointment with me so I can personally make myself available see you, discuss your requirements, inspect your document, advise you on the best way to deal with your document and finally notarise your document. Schedule an appointment online>

Justin provides a full service Notary Public service and can often meet at your company's offices in the Sydney City by arrangement and particularly in the most urgent cases.

The process of having a document Notarised (in plain English) is as follows:

* make an appointment to see Justin Betar

* Justin will discuss which country your document is going to, what the document is, how best to Notarise it, the cost and any authentication or legalisation that is required

* Justin will then prepare a special certificate called a Notary Public Certificate (or Notary Certificate) which is physically bound to your document (or in same cases, printed on the reverse side of the page); each pages is individually signed and sealed by Justin.

Some countries require either the 1 step process, 2 step process or 3 step process.

~ The 1 step process is your document must be Notarised by a Notary Public before it can be sent overseas.

~ The 2 step process is your document is first Notarised by a Notary Public and then authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) who affix an apostille, then it can go overseas.

~ The 3 step process is your document is first Notarised by a Notary Public, then "legalised" by the DFAT and then thirdly it must be sent to the relevant Consulate or Embassy for them to legalised.

This sounds like a lot of red tape but I can assure you that once your documents are in my hands, I will take the hassel away.  Alternatively, I am more than happy to guide you through this process so you can do it yourself.

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