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Property Disputes and Building and Construction Disputes

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20 August 2015

Property Disputes/ Building and Construction Disputes

Property Disputes can occur in many contexts.

  1. It can occur in Family Law where parties fight over ownership of real or personal property.
  2. It can occur in the form of neighbourhood disputes, for instance if a neighbour is trespassing or encroaching on your land.
  3. It can occur in the form of landlord and tenant disputes.
  4. It can also occur in the form of disputes over problems with homes or buildings that have been built. For instance, if your builder has built a home or improvements to a home for you which are defective.

In all these situations we can provide you with clear advice on your legal position. We can also advise you of the most reasonable and practical solution. We have extensive experience with resolving property disputes and are well equipped to deal with building and construction disputes.

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