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Off the Plan Conveyancing

What is “off the plan” conveyancing?

Off the plan conveyancing is exactly as the phrase states … you are buying a property from a developer only by looking at a plan as the property is to be built sometime in the future. 

There is some thought that buying off the plan can get you get a better deal than buying something already built because there is a perception that a developer will be offering the property at a discounted price as it has not yet been built.

Being a brand new property certainly has its attractions such as having the latest and newest finishes and fittings, popular kitchen appliances can be quite attractive.   Over the years we have acted for thousands of people buying off the plan. 

Do I need a lawyer?

Off the plan contracts are extremely large in size.  The professional services offered by Betar Lawyers will give you the comfort of knowing that one of your most important investment transaction is in good hands.

Off the plan contracts will be explained to you in simple to understand language 

We have had years of experience in reviewing these lengthy contracts and explaining the helping clients convey their homes and investment properties in a cost effective manner.  Reviewing contracts quickly is commonly carried out so that you can attend an auction with the comfort and knowledge that a lawyer has read it for you …

Sometimes unavoidable problems do arise with a transaction.  It is far better that we expertly deal with this for you and guide you professionally.

These might include unexpected requirements by your bank (mortgagee), or a tricky problem with the land title.

Benefits of Betar Lawyers conveyancing

These include:

  • Explain the contract in simple to understand language
  • Are experts in all areas of conveyancing
  • Have over 20 years of experience
  • Provide excellent communication, so you will always know what is going on
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick review of contracts prior to auctions

Off the plan conveyancing fees

A detailed fee estimate is provided to you.  This gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you will pay for your conveyance.  

Our promise to you is to provide you with full disclosure of the costs and expenses.

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