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Free Ebook Library

Welcome to the Betar Lawyers free eBook library.  Here you can find a variety of eBooks on popular topics that will not only be informative but that will also hopefully answer any questions you might have on a particular area.  Feel welcome to browse through and if you can't find an eBook on a topic that you have in mind, feel welcome to contact us.  We'd be more than happy to assist you or point you in the right direction.

Our library is added to regularly so please take the time to review this page.

Top 5 Mistakes of Binding Financial Agreements

Financial agreements or “pre nups” are a relatively new thing in Australia.Entering into a Financial Agreement can be a complex process. We&n

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First Home Buyers First Aid Kit

Buying your first home can be a daunting thing.  There are lots of things to consider, like, which property, how to negotiate with agents, the co

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8 Good Reason to update your Will

Chances are, the last time you looked at your will was when you made it – and how many years ago was that?

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Top 7 Mistakes people make NOT having a Will

A legally binding will saves your loved ones from the unnecessary difficulty, delay, worry, and expense they will face dealing with your estate i

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